The Southern Illinois Adult Soccer League is a recreational league, not a competitive league. As such, the SIASL promotes fun, friendship and sportsmanship as well as safe physical activity, encouragement, team camaraderie and of course good soccer. The league strives to keep an atmosphere that can be enjoyed by everybody, players, their family, supporters as well as the referees who unselfishly make time to support our league. We are more concerned about people not getting injured and being treated kindly and fairly than every referee's decision being flawless and a team winning every ball and every game.

We expect teams and players to exercise self control with regards to:

  1. abusive or critical language toward any player, referee or spectator
  2. tackles that are technically fair but needlessly or unnecessarily rough
  3. containing their own anger
  4. being respectful of players with lesser skills
  5. making sure each team member gets sufficient playing time
  6. taking things "up a notch" when you feel an opposing player has "gotten away" with something
We expect players to abide by these rules no matter what they consider the quality of refereeing to be. Every team is responsible for the conduct of its players. We expect teams to remind individual players when a player is overstepping these boundaries regardless of the reason. Remember, no team or player gets paid any more money in this league for winning. Nothing important enough is at stake that we should be endangering or verbally abusing each other!

Players are not to address the referee in any way except for the captain.

This Code of Conduct is to remind players that personal responsibility is what keeps our league at a recreational level more than any other factor. By registering for and playing in the SIASL, you are agreeing to abide by these guidelines.